Encountering the Empress Within - The Retreat

An Intimate Awakening

October 25, 5 pm to October 28, 11am, 2019

Is your Dream calling you to nurture yourself, fuel your passion, and feel your true power of creation in a Sacred Space and community?

To your deepest roots and elemental beginnings. We have selected a Sacred Space in Ojai where you are gifted beyond your wildest dreams, bathed in luxurious surroundings and escorted gently into the awakening path of your soul purpose and the commitment to yourself and the passion of your dream. The nest-like space allows the sacred feminine voice to powerfully emerge; here you are lifted into the space of the Empress. All your needs are cared for and our artistic chef will support your journey with nourishment tailored to your needs.

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Do you hear the call to embrace the quiet within?

Allow for time spent within the Divine feminine energy of yourself and other women. Nurturing the gifts of each other, being present, witnessing the blossoming beauty of the awakened soul in purpose and deepening your connection to your sacred vows. Each woman will focus on one aspect or chakra to inspire confidence within. In doing so, receive a renewed strength of love, passion, and contribution of her gifts to the world. Balancing and honoring the feminine and masculine energies within to allow for partnership in the world creating immense impact. 

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Do you desire the creative force fueling you and your passionate dreams?

Inspiring beauty everywhere, Georgia O’Keefe stated, “I decided that if I could paint that flower on a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty.” The universe cannot ignore your gift, your beauty, your sensuality, your essence. A sacred chakra amulet, a gift exclusively for this retreat, will be given to you based on the chakra you choose. You will access your Creative Passions to embellish the sacred chakra amulet with stones, the energy of which support you and your essence. You will feel the energy permeate your body and experience as you wear it – allowing for a heightened sense of power and confidence in the chosen chakra area. In addition, an exclusive offering of select pieces in the Unzicker collection of stainless accessories and clothing will be available.

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 Are you listening to your inner voice, your passion, your dreams?

To listen to the quiet within, to reflect, to honor yourself, to move back in time to the memory of who you are – standing in your strength, moving through your body with wisdom flowing through your fingertips. Turning within will give you a deeper look into your purpose, as well as, needed attention and love for yourself. You will hear your inner guidance directing you to write a personal statement to support creating your dream in the world. This statement will be read by you as part of the ceremony to ground and embody this new vision of yourself. In order to create and maintain a vessel for transformation, our guests stay in the provided accommodations.

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Are you willing to Step Fully into your feminine, passionate power to give your fullest expression to your dream?

Embrace the sacred ceremony and initiation into the transformed being you’ve become. To deeply commit to your life and become one with yourself. To walk with purpose and dedication to your unique contribution to the world. To feel the strength and energy of the sacred chakra amulet pulsing through you, knowing that this gift goes home with you as a talisman (an object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune or something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects)  of the journey to your true self, your true embodiment. This is your sacred initiation to a more passionate life into who you truly are and into the sisterhood of feminine power worldwide. Go forth and conquer with your love!

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Are you ready to choose yourself, your dreams, and to bring your vision into the world?

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Katherine guided me to reclaim so many bits of myself that I had forgotten along the way. 
She so beautifully reflected back to me my power, bravery, and inner strength, at a time when I desperately needed to make some courageous steps forward. I treasure my time with her as an investment in my future happiness and myself.

Krista Kim

Working with Katherine on visibility has allowed me to give myself permission to be seen as a strong, beautiful, intelligent, feminine, and powerful woman.
During our mentoring sessions I told Katherine this is the kind of woman that I want to embody in my business and life. Katherine was a brilliant mirror for me, she responded that she already saw me as this powerful woman and then reminded me of the reasons why I am this woman. WOW!

<br /> Alanna Allen, Women’s Transformational Health & Healing Mentor

I was fortunate to participate in Katherine’s first Raw Naked Beauty experience…. This was a body-loving and self-loving experience on so many levels because I grew up with a lot of shame about my body and curves….

 Our day started in a gorgeous setting with a calm and peaceful meditation and silent journal writing – where I got to get centered and set my intention for the day. The trio session that Katherine facilitated really helped me clear away the body-image barriers I’d been holding onto to. And when it was my turn to go in front of the camera, there was so much ease and grace. It was all about my experience of self-love. 

 What happened after was MAGIC. When I got my photos I felt like I fell in love with my body for the first time. I look at them to remember that amazing day and get anchored in my feminine power and beauty. 



A little bit about us

Katherine McClelland

Katherine McClelland

Minister, Spiritual Life Coach and Beauty Alchemist

Best selling author of Power Coupling, creator of Raw Naked Beauty, co-creator of the Holy Fuck Podcast, and the Love Intelligence Coach. With a BA in Psychology, MA in Spiritual Psychology and many years of study with preeminent teachers in the field of personal growth,  and the Universal Spirituality Ministry, she is a minister, mind/body and spiritual life coach, healer, and beauty alchemist. She is a mind, body, heart, and soul kind of teacher and facilitator who speaks from the stage, pulpit, and podcast with authenticity, inspiring us all to bring our highest selves to life through living fully in our hearts, minds and bodies with each other each day. Please see her website: www.KatherineMcClelland.com for further details.

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Debra Lyon

Debra Lyon


Most of my works are minimalist style, both in my nature photography as well as in my portraiture. My hope is that my works evoke a sense of serenity.

I fell in love with photography in my teens and started with candid photography. Capturing moments when a person is free from being self conscious has always been my favorite style. Eventually I found myself working in a studio doing portraiture, which I have grown to love. It’s important to me to create a comfortable and safe space for my clients.  I have the intention to capture one free from the roles we play for each other and the many hats we wear. Portraiture can be an intimate experience. It’s beautiful when someone opens up in front of my lens. For further information see: www.lyonimages.com

Elaine Unzicker

Elaine Unzicker

Artist and Women's Empowerment Couturière

An international, award winning metal/jewelry artist with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Illinois State University. Her work has been featured at the Smithsonian and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Through the Ojai Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, “The Triangle Dress was displayed at SOFA Chicago in 2018. She was featured in Intersection: Art & Life by Kevin Wallace published by Schiffer Publishing in 2018 and Chain Mail Jewelry by Terry Taylor and Dylon Whyte published by Lark Books in 2006,. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and  newspapers. Please see her website: www.theunzicker.com for further details and photographs.

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Keith Helmkamp

Keith Helmkamp


Keith Helmkamp our chef extraordinaire is self-taught with a flair for the artistic. He’s continually altering his own creations and experimenting with ingredients to create a mouth-watering sensation. Cooking really started in earnest as a college student in Chicago realizing he wasn’t happy with his diet. It’s not that he became a chef overnight, but he started baking and loved the process and results. And, memories of being in the kitchen with his Mom came flooding back. 

Now he cooks anything from exotic five-course meals to cakes that even a pastry chef friend from Quebec stated upon seeing it, “Holy Merde!” Curiosity continually fuels his creativity with food. So much so, that he will spin recipes together from different cultures into one meal and make it work. Exotic and unique flavors tantalize his taste buds along with the colors and textures of the ingredients.

Now, living in Ojai, he has an abundance of ingredients to choose from as well as friends with similar interests in food or who just love to eat. His favorite pastime is to share a meal leisurely with friends and conversation. No rush, time to enjoy each morsel.

Local, Farm to Table, Organic

Your food for the weekend will be prepared with love by our chef extraordinaire, Keith Helmkamp, who genuinely delights in preparing food for others. His mission is to keeping you happy and full of life to support you in manifesting your dream.

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