Katherine McClelland

Katherine McClelland

Minister, Spiritual Life Coach and Beauty Alchemist

Best selling author of Power Coupling, creator of Raw Naked Beauty, co-creator of the Holy Fuck Podcast, and the Love Intelligence Coach. With a BA in Psychology, MA in Spiritual Psychology and many years of study with preeminent teachers in the field of personal growth,  and the Universal Spirituality Ministry, she is a minister, mind/body and spiritual life coach, healer, and beauty alchemist. She is a mind, body, heart, and soul kind of teacher and facilitator who speaks from the stage, pulpit, and podcast with authenticity, inspiring us all to bring our highest selves to life through living fully in our hearts, minds and bodies with each other each day. Please see her website: www.KatherineMcClelland.com for further details.

 My youth was spent in the Arab countries of the Middle East. Growing up with 3 brothers as one of a pair of twin children of American Diplomats,while there was a glamorous aspect to it, I was exposed to many challenging experiences as I navigated life. Returning to the US in high school in Washington DC the journey continued as bussing and desegregation had turned neighborhood schools dangerous and difficult to exist in. All of these experiences were huge lessons in belonging and not belonging, and it is on the strength of that, that my life long commitment to peace, kindness, embracing diversity, and inclusion was built.

I chose to study psychology in college hoping to understand some of what humanity does to itself and others. After college I ultimately left the field after a few more years of sagging interest in the way that work was applied. After a couple of years of re-grouping, I found myself in a completely different world in the fashion industry in NYC. That again, with an exciting and glamorous component was also an alien and unfamiliar environment. Over the next 11 years it was to lift me up and tear me down beyond my desire or ability to continue.

It was at that time my sister gave me a gift that changed my life. She sent me to an Insight seminar and I was never the same. I never looked back. Years of un-assessed trauma had resulted in a need for some very deep healing. It was to take me years and years, two marriages, 2 divorces, 2 step children and one birth child, the loss of my sister and my father and mother to eventually find my way.

Shortly after that initial seminar I left NYC and made my way to southern CA after my first marriage failed and via Washington DC. I began studying the inward journey and the spiritual life with Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick at the University of Santa Monica who became life-long mentors and teachers of mine leading me through emotional, psychological and spiritual healing, after having first stepped into their presence in 1989, 30 years ago. Having studied with them many times and been of service to the University theirs was truly a whole life healing journey for me. The Course in Miracles and Marianne Williamson opened me to a spirituality of love and an entry into the field of loving. Overlapping with that, Reverends Dr Michael Beckwith (at Agape, LA) with Revs Carol Knight and Diana Trent (Ojai) nurtured my leanings toward the ministry after the death of my twin sister, and assisted me in the process of ordination and learning and leading a church over a period of 10 years. During that time for my service and co-leadership of the conversation of peace, gathering the Interfaith community that I was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity. 

Again, with some overlap, and upon leaving the day to day ministry of the church and my second divorce, I first worked with Oneness University where I was trained as a deeksha (blessing) giver and then departed the ministry all together to work with Kathlyn Hendricks at the Hendricks Institute which opened me to the possibility of the healing available in the embodiment of my whole self, authenticity and power of the truth that lives within me. In essence, it grounded me after a long period of living in a very spiritual realm.

Once embodied I earned certifications in a few practices of Spiritual healing, body work and energy medicine to which I now have added my own expertise and experience and offer a deep, bare-hands-on touch integration and healing meditation and body/spiritual imagery work for deep release. 

In another departure back to the beauty industry, I  had a brief stint and a model which afterwards, lead me to create Raw Naked Beauty http://katherinemcclelland.com/raw-naked-beauty/  I lead women on an experience of healing and awakening their beauty and confidence as they spend a sacred day in presence and love drawing themselves out from within to see the beauty, power and radiance they already possess. 

Within the last 5 years I have experienced and integrated the work of Alison Armstrong culminating in a Heart Partnership Mastery program that developed the strongest sense of my presence and my power integrated with my spiritual life, a true sense of living the reality of heaven on earth ~ a goal she and I share.  And in this moment currently, Byron Katie has stepped in as my newest teacher my certain challenge to allow all of the facts of my stories to release in reverence to a life of loving. 

I met Elaine ( my co-leader on this retreat) during the period of my Ministry and leadership of the Spiritual Center in Ojai. Elaine and I struck up and warm connection that flowed easily between us, with an ongoing spiritual conversation, as we crossed paths, albeit infrequently, over the next 10 years. Keith, always present with delicious food,(which you will be enjoying this weekend)  joined in as we explored spiritual experiences, ideas and thoughts. Two years ago after an historic fire ripped through our town in California, (both of us luckily had out homes spared) when our community was in a shambles and my ederly parents deeply affected, Elaine and I connected again, this time more purposefully. We were certainly being guided together and invited into a deep path. We began to explore the role of the fire within us as we regained our sense of power in the feminine after our losses ( not having fared well, my parents both died within the year), we began to rise again.

 After a magical synchrony at the Farmer’s Market in Ojai, the first of our formal collaborations was a fashion show where I wore the dress Elaine designed and created that was inspired by our experiences of empowerment in the aftermath of the fire. What you see here is the second of our collaborations. With Elaine’s expertise and focus on the energy of ISIS and metal lace, and my healing the feminine and transformational work and coaching we are bringing you the best of the best of what we each have to offer. Together we will create your experience, exploring with you what you need to bring you to your feet and carry you into your life with your dynamic dream in place.


Elaine Unzicker

Elaine Unzicker

Artist and Women's Empowerment Couturière

An international, award winning metal/jewelry artist with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Illinois State University. Her work has been featured at the Smithsonian and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Through the Ojai Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, “The Triangle Dress was displayed at SOFA Chicago in 2018. She was featured in Intersection: Art & Life by Kevin Wallace published by Schiffer Publishing in 2018 and Chain Mail Jewelry by Terry Taylor and Dylon Whyte published by Lark Books in 2006,. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and  newspapers. Please see her website: www.theunzicker.com for further details and photographs.

From the age of 7, I developed a deep connection to nature. My parents moved my two brothers and I to 8 acres of land in central Illinois. Surrounded by farmland and few neighbors, I sought refuge in being alone in nature. A special tree was my haven where I could feel the wind in my face, hear the birds, and oversee everything. It nurtured my strong intuitive side. And, also the ability to take notice of seemingly incidental details: the way the texture of the bark feels in my hands, the amazing delicacy of a hole in a leaf. Details for the beginnings of an artist and a big surprise for my parents as I decided to pursue an art degree. 

 After graduating with my M.F.A., I moved to Chicago where I married, divorced, and married again; this time the love of my life. That first divorce led me to discover myself thru therapy. Yoga came into to brighten my soul and keep me calm – I still practice. And, the idea of having my own business in the arts came into being. In January of 1993, just before I was to appear in my first show the following month, my father passed away at the age of 56 of a heart attack. The shock of it pushed me to seek out a strong spiritual path. More than one spiritual healer appeared magically to help me deal with my father’s death.

 I did continue with my business and along the way sought out soul growth and development. One of my artist friends was a Reiki practitioner who suggested I delve into Reiki and so I too began practicing Reiki. A substitute teacher for my yoga class pestered me into taking a Tai Chi Chih class. I was convinced before going that I wouldn’t like it; after all, yoga was working for me. I showed up for class, the sub was nowhere to be found (and never seen again), and kept going back. It was awesome and the Tai Chi Chih instructor encouraged me to become a teacher. Oh, and let’s not forget to say that I met my husband in one of my classes.

 The nourishment of my inner self brought me to Ojai. Here, I began to create one-of-a-kind dresses and clothing from stainless chain mail, in addition to my jewelry. Women who tried on my creations said they felt confident, bold, ready to take on the world. I began to have a deeper understanding of what I do with my artwork and thought, “What if I could bring that feeling of empowerment forward for others in a new way.” It was after that I was awarded the title World’s First Women’s Empowerment Couturière. It only seemed natural to ask Katherine to partner with me in this venture. After all, she wore my dress, “Armored Dreams” in a fashion show and the experience was fresh in her memory. Plus, by marrying our talents, we could offer an unprecedented  event. It is my honor to be with each of you. Let’s take the light of life and dance!