In the past, I would have felt too self-conscious to be a subject in a photo shoot. The only reason I agreed to participate is because of Katherine. I trusted her and I felt captivated by her vision and her passion for the project. With that as the backdrop, I wanted to challenge myself to a new experience and open myself up to unknown possibilities.

At eight and a half months pregnant, I had brief moments of judging myself for being lazy, for just laying there and not trying to move or pose in any particular way. This was Raw Naked Beauty, and yet I didn’t feel like trying to be anything in particular, trying to be sexy or sensual, or even look beautiful…. Instead, I let it be okay to honor the reality of how my pregnant body was feeling, and it was clear to me that stillness was what my body called for. During those moments, my body didn’t really feel like my own, but more like my baby’s home. My instinct was to focus inwardly on my breath and my baby, and so I allowed my breath to be my movement.

 The photos looked great, and in fact, the best way to describe them would be to say that they captured my internal experience to a tee! I felt that I could even be comfortable sharing them with others.

Ali, Santa Monica

Working with Raw Naked Beauty was a liberating experience as I was able to bring forward more confidence living in my older body. 


I believe this is an experience that every Woman could benefit from. It is an opportunity to really release all the judgements we tend to place upon ourselves and our bodies.


I felt Safe, Supportive, and Soulfully Sexy.


I can’t stop thinking about yesterday, my experience and the wonderful work you’re doing. You’re a Goddess and I’m so honored to know you.

 You created a very loving and relaxed atmosphere that allowed me to embrace my naked body and show my naked soul.

 From a friend who saw two of Evie’s photos:

 How wonderful you look, Evie — radiant, from your depths. All the excellent care you’ve taken of yourself in this past year or so is making your soul visible. Nothing’s more beautiful than that.